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Variety Can Help Tame Obesity

Everyone gets bored. It’s simply part of our human nature, but it doesn’t help that in modern society, we already have lives filled with a lot of routine and repetition. We go to the same job every day, sit at the same desk, eat the same lunch, and even perform the same workout at the gym. Boredom doesn’t just put you at risk of sleeping on the job, it can also lead to unhealthiness and weight gain. Fortunately, there are ways to keep boredom at bay.


When you’re bored at the gym, you’re much more likely to find excuses not to go or to leave before you’ve gotten in all the exercise you need in. If you’re bored while biking on an exercise bike or running on a treadmill, you will likely slow down your routine and be more prone to distractions like chatter and television programs. Being conscientious about your workout can lead you to push yourself harder, letting your momentum carry you forward.



Studies show that teenagers who play multiple sports are healthier and less likely to be overweight than those who play a single sport. No doubt part of the reason is simply that they’re more likely to be active in multiple seasons if they play multiple sports. However, there are likely to also be several health-related reasons for this, and each is a lesson you can take away to apply to your own weight loss goals.


Variety will keep you from getting bored. If you do weight training one day, a Zumba class the next, and laps in the pool the day after that, you’re more likely to add diversity to your workout, giving your muscles different ways to function, adding balance to your routine. Diversity also results in a regimen that is less likely to cause injury because there’s less repetition, resulting in less strain.


The level of enjoyment from such activity is related to the level of dopamine released resulting in an ‘exercise high’, leading to further enjoyment, and thus, future motivation, leading to greater weight loss benefits. The presence of this chemical in your brain will actually teach you to find the gym pleasurable, and soon you’ll have trained yourself to go to the gym on a regular basis, not every day, but two to three times a week. Going everyday could actually backfire since your muscles would have too little time to develop in between workouts.



In addition, variety can also make your exercise more effective. By making sure all of your muscle groups are working in tandem, you can actually raise the efficiency level of your exercise, hence why the circuit training workout movement has gained extreme popularity over the years. Once your metabolism is increased and you’ve built muscle, virtually every exercise you do will help you stay lean, shed excess fat, and be healthier, even if it’s not a traditional fat burning exercise. Keeping your organs free of fat is just as important as the rest of your body.


Achieving variety is very straightforward. If you’re a fan of gyms, whether public or employees-only, you’ll want to take advantage of as many classes as you can. Each week, try to switch up classes so each one is different leading to higher results with less effort.

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